What's in a Vintage Bead Box?

If you love all things vintage and love making your own jewelry, we're sure you'll LOVE Vintage Bead Box. Because most of our beads were manufactured between 1930 and 1970 we have a very limited supply, which means not one bead box will be the same! 

Our monthly theme boxes feature different collections inspired by seasons, colors, time periods and art styles. Themes change every month, and you can find samples of the beads on Instagram and Facebook. Each month you will receive between 8 and 10 baggies of beads, enough to make a few pieces of jewelry. Bead materials range from glass, acrylic, metal, gemstones, wood, faux pearls, shell, seeds, bone, and specialty beads like cloisonne and bakelite. We also include a little something special like a pendant, vintage clasps, findings or vintage chains.

A Bit of History

I'm Alexis Sixel, the one-woman-show behind Vintage Bead Box! Believe it or not, Vintage Bead Box was created from a "crazy" idea I had at 3am, in the Spring of 2016. Wondering what to do with my massive collection of vintage beads, and myself being part of several subscription box clubs, the idea came together, and Vintage Bead Box was born! 

I have been a jewelry artist for over 20 years creating one of a kind, handmade, unique jewelry and owned several online shops throughout the years. My path in life has driven me to focus on vintage jewelry, to preserve the past and enhance the future. 

I owe a great thanks to my Great Aunt Adela, who sparked my passion for vintage jewelry, when I would visit her vintage jewelry shop, "La Chatelaine" in Houston, Texas. Her passion for everything vintage and antique was well known and she dedicated her life to it, always on the look out for one of a kind gems and unique jewelry for her shop. I believe it's my job to make sure her legacy lives on, and to give old jewelry a second life.